What We Can Do to Support our Community During COVID-19

During these challenging times, it’s crucial to support those in our community. Here are some practical ways to do so.

Shop at local businesses:
Buy essentials from locals are currently the only way that store and their employees are making any money right now.
buy essentials for neighbors, seniors, and people with underlying health conditions is a great way to serve our community.

Be kind:
During tense times it can be really hard to see the good in people, showing little patience and kindness can make a world of difference, so do your best to be kind. if you can please provided food, masks, and sanitizers to Migrant Labourers.

Supporting the Corona Heroes:
Who are the heroes fighting this pandemic at the forefront

Give blood:
If you are in good health, giving blood is a great way to support your community during this time of need.
You can also donate to reputable charities that are helping vulnerable populations during the pandemic

Please Download the Arogya Setu App from Google Play Store for your health tips.
For the latest updates, about Covid19 follow the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare

Together, we’ll continue to help our communities navigate the challenges ahead.